Still excited with the fact that I got to go to the very first Primark in the US in Boston last Sunday! It was very similar to the ones in Europe which is good.  Here are some of my fav purchases ☺  
 I got this tope colored bag from there which I am pretty much obsessed with. Along with the red suede-like flats!  When paired accordingly, they both could help an outfit look very business professional, or casual. 

I know some people are not into them..  But I got this forest green turtle neck along with a black ribbed one! I love the way they look layered under leather jackets, or over sized jean jackets. Super comfy and cozy too! 
 To me this is the perfect fall scarf!  I had been looking for a larger plaid scarf for a while now and as always, of course Primark had it.  It looks great bundled with layers or also alone with a plain top to draw more attention to it. 

I will definitely be going on another trip to Primark in the near future! ☺


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