Germany & The Netherlands

I returned a few days ago from a quite amazing trip to Europe!  I figured I would make a post about my trip because I know a lot of my followers are travel-enthusists as well! This is my second time in Europe and I loved it even more than the last (if thats even possible).  I stayed in The Netherlands but took a weekend trip to Germany!  We got to travel to many cities and the major ones are featured below 🙂

Aachen, Germany

This was my first time ever being in Germany and now I can say, it is definitely one of my favorite places!  We stayed in a hotel in Aachen and got to experience the lovely Christmas market.  There were many vendors with awesome leather goods, hand made items, and lots of delicious food. Nothing beats strolling through streets like these with a nice cup of Glu wine or hot coco in your hand 🙂



Altenahr, Germany

After Aachen, we took a quick train ride to Altenahr.  We got to climb up the mountain and visit an old castle that knights formally occupied many years ago.  It was very historic and surreal to see!



(Both taken on top of the mountain)

Maastricht, Netherlands

This day was one of my favorites throughout the trip! We took a train to Southern Holland and stumbled upon a Christmas type market.  There were rides, vendors, and tons of Dutch food and drinks.  It was crazy seeing Holland from the top of the ferris wheel!  The country is extremely flat so you could see much farther out than in America.



De Hague, Netherlands

This was a lovely beach day! Despite it being 50 degrees…  They had a long board walk with lots of restaurants and shops along it which I really enjoyed.  This was the last major day trip we took and it definitely was a good one 🙂

the hague.jpg


– Katarina




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  1. 2.2.16

    Its amazing. Beauty lies everywhere but germany is No. 1
    Your article is amazing 🙂

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