January 2016 Favorites



I have been loving my FitBit Charge HR!  This is in the shade plum size small.  It carries out many detailed functions like tracking your sleep, food and water intake, steps and distance walked, calories burned, and workouts.  The workout tracking feature is the main reason I purchased it! It auto recognizes your workouts and logs them for you.  FitBits are a very handy devise and a good motivation to workout more!

Athletic Clothing



A while ago I used to just throw on a t-shirt and shorts for my workouts, but lately I have been loving cute athletic clothing!  I’ve always had a thing for workout clothes but lately I have been trying to find more sets and cool pieces to wear for my workouts.  Having nice workout clothes gets me more excited to chose a workout outfit and motivates me to have a good workout!  Some people may disagree, but I know a lot of you fashionistas or athletes out there could agree! These two items featured are from Old Navy.  I have been finding awesome deals there for workout clothing.

Puff Keychains


This pale pink keychain is from Primark and was only $4.99!  These look great on purses, and key rings.  Tip: If you aren’t into spending lots of money on the designer ones, check out amazon for these keychains!  They have some for under $10 in various colors and they definitely still do the job.

Cute Cups/Mugs



Inspired by other bloggers, I have been getting more into tea lately!  I have been mostly drinking raspberry tea and have been loving these two mugs for it!  The first to-go mug is  from target and the “K” coffee mug is from Sur La Table.  I have been using the to-go mug to bring coffee or tea with me to early classes and the glass mug for lounging around the house!  Also, it helps that they’re both pretty photogenic 🙂

Drug Store Fake Nails



Can you tell these are Target nails? I don’t think so!  These are fake nails that you apply yourself by just pulling off the sticker.  SO EASY.  I bought these for only $6 and they lasted me exactly one week and actually could have lasted a bit longer!  This is a much more affordable option instead of paying at least $30 at a nail salon.  Plus, they’re super cute and I actually got tons of compliments on them!

Blanket Scarves


Living in the north, who doesn’t love blanket scarves?!  I practically have been living in them lately, and have seen so many different kinds on people.  The navy plaid, and the black windowpane are both from Primark, and the tan Burburry inspired scarf is from a boutique in Germany!

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