StyleWeek Northeast

StyleWeek is a week long fashion show that showcases upcoming and emerging fashion designers to give them amazing press and media coverage. This event is steeply growing in popularity thanks to all its business sponsors, social media, and industry professionals. I was lucky enough to have been selected as an intern  for the week! I was front of the house, where I checked in guests, wrote seating numbers, and helped clean the ballroom at the end of each night. I met so many people in the industry and now will recognize lots of familiar faces in Providence.  All though StyleWeek was hectic at times, speaking for myself and most of the staff, it still was a lot of fun!

 As an intern, once all the guests were checked in we got to be seat fillers! Which was most definitely a privilege because typically this event is invite only, or one can purchase a ticket for around $50-$150.  

Designers such as Jonathan Joseph Peters (Project Runway), Jess Abernathy, Jeffery Dickerson, Nick Pini, and Alexandra Nam (who created a dress for Lady Gaga), etc, got to showcase their new lines for the upcoming season. 





Also..we got to meet Kent Stetson, the designer of unique collectors leather clutches based in Rhode Island! Check out his website! 

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