Still can’t believe I got to spend my weekend in Spain!  Now that will be the sixth country in Europe I can check off my travel list.  We took the metro everywhere in Spain and hit many must see attractions which made for some great pics!

Barceloneta Beach



If anyone has the chance to go to Spain, Barceloneta Beach is a must!  The walk along the water to get to the beach is just as enjoyable as being on the beach.  There are many street vendors and restaurants (two of my favorite things!)  The area surrounding the beach is very picturesque as well.  While on the beach many of the locals come around selling tourist merchandise, asking if you want a massage, or you hair braided!  One of my favorite parts was having restaurants on the beach itself.  Nothing could be more relaxing than sipping on a cold drink at the Mediterranean!

Sagrada Família


This cathedral is a very popular attraction which is why the line would have taken hours to get into.  But the insanely detailed outside itself was enough for me!

Plaça de Catalunya


This was such a nice area in Barcelona!  There were many places to shop and tons of different dining options!  From here we accidentally ended up walking to the even more touristic area, Las Ramblas.  It reminded me of the Champs-Élysées in Pairs!  It is a VERY long street filled with all kinds of stores!

Barcelona Cathedral



Another insane monument to see!  These monuments truly blow my mind because we have nothing like them in America.  Right next to the cathedral there were the classic Barcelona letters!  You have no idea how long it took me to take a picture with no one else in it..

Park Güell


Finally, the infamous Barcelona attraction, Park Güell!  This is a gorgous park to walk around anytime of the day.  Every way you turn there is something else to look at and take a picture of.  The higher you get on the mountain, the better the view gets!  The mosaic tiles on each building is Park Güell’s signature and is very well known.


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