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The feeling like you have forgotten something, or thinking of reasons your trip may not go as smoothly as planned is never fun!  I have traveled quite a bit to different countries on many different forms of transportation.  Experience with many different planes, busses, trains, metros, trams, in different parts of the world have helped me form this list of simple things I wish I knew before my travels! 

1) Keep Laptop and Cameras in Purse


This is essential!  I know a lot of people put their laptops and cameras in their rolling carry on.  However, it is much more convenient to keep in on you in your purse.  When you are going through security you can just take them right out of your purse rather than having to unzip your rolling carry on and dig for them.  This saves you time and will allow the line to move a lot smoother!

2) Keep Hair Stylers on Top 


When packing your carry on it will save you time at security if you pack your curling iron and straightener last so they are immediately visible when you open your suitcase!  I think this tip is helpful because my curling iron has set off the alarm at security multiple times.  I had to open my suitcase and find what was making the noise.  If the device setting off the alarm is right on top they will usually recognize it and let you proceed.

3) Keep Passport and Tickets Accessable IMG_7862.jpgWhile at the airport I’m sure most of you know that they ask for your passport or boarding pass a bunch of times.  It helps to have it in your pocket or right in your purse so you do not have to keep digging for it.  Also, by keeping your train card, metro tickets, etc, very accessible it will help you to not get caught up and flustered within the fast pace activities going on around you!

4)Wear something Comfy!


Of course everyone wants to look cute when you arrive to your exciting stop, but cute and comfy is the way to go!  I tend to wear sneakers, and a comfy top and bottoms.  In the winter leggings or stretchy jeans are the way to go!  For summer, there are lots of cute patterned shorts that feel just like pajamas!

5) Wear Comfy Shoes


Shoes that you can slip on and off are a must for traveling through an airport!  They require everyone to take their shoes off at security and also you probably will want to take them off on your flight!  Also, when you arrive at your destination you most likely will be walking a lot.  Having uncomfortable shoes could ruin activities you planned to do which is never fun.

6) Save Everything for Memories


Personally, I love to keep all of my tickets, passes, maps, etc!  I think it is fun to look back at them and remember all of the cool things you got to do and the cool places you went.  I recently put them all in a box and overtime I am hoping it fills up with many more items from memorable adventures.


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  1. 6.23.16

    I always love to wear comfy outfits while traveling!
    xo, Syd

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