Room Decor: DIY Jewelry Trays

Looking for a simple and cute way to store jewelry?  This DIY is probably as easy as they get!  I am constantly running out of places to put my jewelry and always need more space.  These jewelry trays are perfect because they look cute in your bedroom and they allow you to easily display your jewelry so you can see what you have. 

Step 1) You will need a plain tray of any shape or size.  I purchased two metal circular trays at A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts for only .99 cents each!


2) Paint!  I decided to paint one of my trays half white and gold, and the other a flower design.  Two-three coats is essential so your paint does not look streaky.




3) Once your paint has dried you’re all set to put your jewelry on them and find a cute place in your room!  I put one of mine on my desk next to my other jewelry holders and the other displayed on my night stand.




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