July Shopping Favorites!

I feel like I haven’t been able to shop in the longest time so I am super excited to share my new pieces. 


The first thing I recently picked up is this silk bomber jacket from Forever 21.  I really like it because it’s black and I can style it many different ways.  Also, I love the stripe detailing on the edges!


I knew I needed to buy this top right when I saw it on the rack at Forever 21!  I tend to wear black and white a lot so this shirt just adds to the collection.  However, it definitely is different from anything else that I own because of the mesh detailing.  I love how the mesh is on the sleeves as well as the neckline and I think it creates a cool look.


Finally a piece that actually looks a bit summery!  I was on the hunt for a dress with a middle knot and cut outs after I saw one at Urban Outfitters.  Then I found this army green striped one for just $15 at Forever 21!


This chocker is easily one of my new favs!  It is a velvet black/maroon chocker from Pac Sun.  I know I will get a ton of use out of it because you can easily dress it up or down.


My new everyday necklace!  I was looking for a plain silver necklace like this one that I found at Forever 21.  It is just a plain circle necklace that can be worn with almost every outfit.


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