Look of the Day: Black on Black

Today’s look was pretty simple and I mainly styled it around my top! It is an all black tee with mesh detailing on the top.

IMG_8249.JPGThis top is from Forever 21 and is very versatile!  For accessories, I wore this dainty silver circle necklace to maintain simplicity for the look.  I decided to pair it with plan black skinny jeans that I cut up myself.  I bought them at Primark and to be honest they probably were less than $10 which is why I didn’t mind cutting them!  Theres something about all black, and monochromatic outfits that I love and are what I gravitate towards.IMG_8230.JPGIMG_8250.JPG

As for shoes go, I wanted to spice up my outfit a bit so I wore some platform sandals.  I know, they’re still just black but I thought they paired nicely with the look!

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