Look of the Day: Trench Coat & Turtle Neck

Today my friend Jess and I had a nice little photo shoot in Downtown Providence.  (Check out her blog!)  My look was styled mainly around my new coat from Primark! (aka my favorite store ever)  It has a light gray houndstooth print on top and a solid black bottom.  To be honest I have worn it everyday since I got it last week and I love it!  Also, it’s the perfect weight transitioning fall into winter and is super fun to style.







So I was about to explain where all of the pieces to my outfit are from but… everything is actually from Primark! Surprise surprise.  The muted pink turtle neck, black jeans (that I ripped myself), and black boots are all from there.  Jess’s coat and turtle neck are even from there.  I probably should be a spokeswoman for this store because of how highly I talk about it to people!  But anyway, this is an everyday fall outfit for me because its so easy to put together and its cute and comfy.


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