Cider Donuts & Coffee☕️

I forgot how good it feels to be in New York during the fall! I’m home from college for the holidays before I study abroad in Florence, Italy-too excited! I love doing festive activities while I’m home this time of year. My boyfriend and I took a trip to a local farm with apples, pumpkins, desserts, and coffee!

Cider donuts and coffee-too good!

And of course.. the outfit!

I’ve been LOVING this coat from Primark. My gray fuzzy scarf is also from there!  But that’s probably no surprise. As for accessories go, I am wearing my Adidas Originals sneakers and using my favorite black reversible bag from Urban Outfitters!
Katarina 💕 

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  1. 11.23.16

    My mom lived in New York and then studied abroad in Italy too; she loved it! Loving the outfit!

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