My mom actually showed me a picture on Facebook the other day which was of these adorable chocolate covored pretzel reindeer!  Today I felt like being festive and thought it was the perfect time to try and make them!  I’m actually really surprised as to how good they turned out.

What you need

  • Pretzel twists
  • Chocolate wafers (I decided to use dark chocolate!)
  • White chocolate wafers (for the eyes)
  • Red M&M’s


First I started off by melting the chocolate in the melting pot on “high”.



While this was melting, I was breaking the pretzels for the antlers!  I have to admit, I wasted a bunch of pretzels while doing this because it’s hard to break them perfectly.  But what worked best for me was to break the pretzel down the middle, then chip off however much you need to make it look like an antler.  Then I began to dip the pretzel in the melted chocolate and with a spoon I filled in all of the gaps.


Once the gap was filled with chocolate, I placed the pretzel antlers on top along with the red M&M while the chocolate was still hot and melty.


The final step to this very simple snack is the reindeers eyes!  I melted white chocolate and dotted the eyes on.  Then after they dried I did the exact same thing with the dark chocolate for the pupils.


I think they came out super cute and they didn’t take long to make at all!  My mom and I both agreed that if we need a holiday party snack, these little reindeer will be our go-to.  Aside from their festive look, they taste sooo good!  Who doesn’t like chocolate covered pretzels?!  If you try to make these too tag me on Instagram or Tweet me a pic, I’d love to see how they turn out! (@fashiionsfinest)


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  1. 12.7.16

    No questions asked I am showing these to my sister right now and convincing her we need to make them. So stinking cute!

  2. 12.7.16

    Super cute !!

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