Montepluciano & Pienza, Italy

Today’s adventure was a wine and cheese tasting!  Our first stop was a very old and famous vineyard and wine cellar in Montepluciano. 

We tasted three red wines here and were served some food to pick on.  Apparently these high quality wine bottles are only about 5€-10€ and in the US would be paying $20-$40!

After the tasting we just walked around the city center and took pics! (One of my fav pastimes😉)

Next, we went to a cheese tasting in the little town of Pienza!  I actually haven’t really eaten large amounts of cheese at once for a while now.  90% of my diet has been vegan for the past 7ish months but I felt like I had to try them.

And as always.. we took some more pics!

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  1. 1.14.17

    Awesome pictures, makes me want to visit

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