Look of the Day: Minimalistic

Today’s outfit is all about neutrals!  I have been into simple looks like this for a while now.  I think they look very chic and minimalistic.  If you’re into outfits like this one, I suggest checking out ToThe9s, on YouTube, I’m obsessed with their style!  




This is definitely one of my go-to looks because it’s so practical to wear all day.  My top is a nude mock neck top from H&M. (I actually have it in olive, and black & white speckled as well hahha.)  I just bought these distressed black jeans (similar), in Italy, from Tally Weijl.  I love them because they have mesh under the rips which makes them look a bit more unique!  


As for my shoes go…they may just look like normal black boots to you, but I have been obsessed with them for some reason!  I bought them in Italy at a popular shoe store, called Bata.  They are perfect for everyday wear because the heel is less than one inch.  They have a zipper on the side and are slightly narrow at the top, which is why I love them!  I think the narrow toe makes any outfit a bit more stylish and put together.  My sunglasses are circle Ray-Bans, in Flash Pink.

Currently, I am in the Netherlands visiting my boyfriend for a few days, which is where these pics were taken!  I absolutely love the little villages here.  Then on Wednesday..back to Florence!

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