Den Bosch, the Netherlands

I love exploring new cities, however it’s always nice to revisit some!  I went back to Den Bosch, the Netherlands for some food, shopping, pictures (my 3 favorite things), and a fun day trip!

Outfit of the Day


Today I wore a very casual outfit because I knew we would be walking around a lot and also it was chillier than desired.  My scarf (one of my all time favs), is from Primark, as well as my olive green sweater.  My jeans are from Zara and they’re one of the comfiest pairs that I own!  As for my shoes, these are my new black boots from Bata that I bought in Florence.  My crystal stone necklace is from INDACreations and I actually am an intern there!




Den Bosch is only about a half hour away from where my boyfriend goes to school, so for food we just went to a donut shop (my idea of course!)  And as always.. had to take some cute pics!


Mom Jeans


I decided to go into one of my new favorite stores, Tally Weijl!  My roommates and I discovered it in Pisa and realized that they’re all over Europe.  These were called, mom jeans, on the tag, but easily can pass as boyfriend jeans as well if you wear a long shirt.  I’m so excited to style these with shorter tops in the spring and summer because they are super high waisted!

Tea Tree Toner 

So I have been contemplating buying this or not but I keep hearing good things about it!  It’s the Lush tea tree water toner.  It seems to be super beneficial for your skin and also I read that it will help heal my nose piercing.  Super excited to try this out!

Off-the-shoulder Denim Top


I have been searching for a denim off-the-shoulder top since last summer!  I was soooo excited when I found this at Zara for just €10.  Zara is having their big annual sale and they seriously had so many cute things but I had to control myself hahah.  Sadly, I obviously have to wait till the spring/summer to wear this but I’m still glad I found it!

Silk/Metallic Tee


Silks and metallics are such a big trend right now and I love it!  I fell in love with this blue/gray color top from Zara  (similar) and then I looked at the price…€4!  You really can’t beat that.  I’m planning on styling this under a leather jacket with a silver choker, or tucked into some distressed black jeans with a belt!  Comment some of your favorite fashion trends, I’m always on the look out for something new 🙂


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