Prague, Czech Republic

Checking off my 9th country…Prague!!  My boyfriend and I planned this weekend trip as a Valentines gift to each other and a nice trip to wrap up my 2+ months in Europe!  Neither of us have been to Prague before which made the trip more exciting.  We stayed for two nights in THE best Airbnb I’ve yet to stay at!  Here is my travel video! 




How nice is this room?!  It was much bigger than I expected plus..the decor was too cute.  I actually liked this bedroom more than mine at home hahah.  Also, our host made us breakfast every moring-too sweet!


As for sight seeing goes, we saw the main tourist attractions like the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock, the Petrín Lookout Tower (resembles a mini Eiffel Tower), and the John Lennon Wall.

View from the Charles Bridge



View from the Petrín Lookout Tower


Old Town Square



Some of the buildings were just breathtaking!  I love how unique each European country is   from one another even though they’re so close in proximity.  

John Lennon Wall



I wish I could say so, but we didn’t really try much traditional Czech food.  We tended to stick with what we liked and really enjoyed it!  However, we did try the very famous  Trdelnik.  They’re sold on literally every street in Prague and you can customize what you’d like to put in it!  For example, Nutella, apples, whip cream, strawberries, etc.  It was sooo tasty but not going to lie, I felt a little sick after hahaha.




For dinner one night we went to a super cute vegan restaurant/cafe called Pastva!  I really wish we had more places like this at home.  I got a quinoa burger with veggies and avocado dressing!  My boyfriend got a double black bean/lentil burger.  Both were toooo good!  For my drink I got a “Kakko”, which is just hot chocolate but made with 100% cocoa 🙂

I’m writing this post on my very last day here in Europe (the Netherlands right now!)  I’m so sad that my study abroad trip is over and all the traveling in between, but I am excited to head back home and see everyone!  (And go to Chipotle and Dunkin ;)) 


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