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After 9 weeks in Europe, I am back at my school in the US!  I just moved all of my stuff back in this past weekend and tried to pack as minimal as possible.  I will be living here till the end of may so I wanted my room to still be cozy and cute!


My desk is one of my favorite parts of my room!  I have a few fake plants on here, but the largest one on the left is real and from Home Depot.  My two pictures are from a random stand in New York City and I have used them in my past 3 dorm rooms!



Next to my desk is my windowsill with these adorable succulents!  (Yes, that is a mini watering can as well!)  I love the look of having a bunch of plants in my room and it makes it feel fresh.  These three plants are surprisingly from Walmart!  Who would have known Walmart sells such cute little plants?!


Next to my bed, I have this light wood book shelf.  I mainly decorated it with plants and candles!  I absolutely love the plant on the third shelf.  It is fake but I think the plant in the jar is sooo cute.  Above this shelf, I have a Florence, Italy picture!  My friend got it for me and it shows all of the famous attractions in Florence.  I love it because I have been to all of them and it reminds me of all of the amazing times there.


This is where I keep all of my everyday jewelry.  On top of this dresser I also have my Himalayan salt lamp!  I love turning it on at night because it makes my room super cozy .  Also, they say that these lamps have health benefits!


Lastly, my bed!  My comforter is from Target and I think the white makes my room look clean and bright.  The marble pillow, and the gold pillow are both from my favorite store..Primark!  As for the pink pillow and the white polka dot pillow go, I actually made them!

I still might tweak a few things in my room but this is the overall layout so far!  I am planning on posting more “Ways to Style” posts so let me know if you have any suggestions!


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