Ways to Style: Loafer Slides

Back with one of my favorite types of posts, a style post!  These loafers can seriously be styled so many different ways but I put together 3 ways I like to style them.  No, they’re not the real Gucci ones of course, but I love them!  They’re from Forever 21 and are surprisingly good quality.  I think these shoes are adorable and perfect for spring.




For this first look I wore this black long-line vest that I actually thrifted!  I paired it with this black & white patterned top from H&M!  I have gotten sooo much use out of this top because it’s so easy to dress up or dress down.  This might be my favorite look out of the three.  It’s very minimal, but chic!




For this next look I included one of my new tops from Zara that I bought last month in Italy!  (Even makes me sad just to type that because I’m not there right now)  But this denim babydoll style top is short sleeve and off the shoulder!  It might actually be one of the cutest tops I own when worn alone haha.  Over this, I wore my black leather jacket that I bought about 3 years ago at Forever 21 thinking it wouldn’t last me long but it’s still going strong!  I love how the leather jacket ties in with the leather loafers.  (Fake leather of course ;))




Lastly, here’s the most casual look!  I wore the fuzziest light pink sweater in the world from….Primark (surprise surprise).  Underneath, I wore a black & white striped knot tee also from Primark!   I paired all of these looks with my black ripped jeans that I cut myself. This outfit is super wearable on a day to day basis and I love how it looks with the loafers!


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