Ways to Style: Neck Scarves

Hi everyone!  I’m finally back with a Ways to Style post.  I have been loving the neck scarf trend lately and I picked up two from Madewell to try out.  They have such cute patterns there and I actually got one for free as a part of my birthday reward!  There seriously are so many different ways you can style neck scarves depending on your style, but these are two ways I styled mine!

IMG_1788 2.JPG

IMG_1789 2.JPG

IMG_1785 2.JPG




This neck scarf is black and white with the classic bandana print on it.  I styled it with my leather jacket from Forever 21 that I seriously wear all the time!  Underneath, I wore a muted blue silk tee from Zara in the Netherlands.  As for my shoes go, I decided to break out my black jellies from Forever 21!  I like this look because it’s casual but you still look cute with a few fun accessories.


IMG_1791 2.JPG

IMG_1790 2.JPG

IMG_1781 2.JPG
(Me randomly standing in the middle of the road looking super short hahaha)

IMG_1782 2.JPG

This outfit is my favorite because its more flowy and summery!  This bandana is navy red and white and has the same pattern as the black one.  I think this neck scarf is adorable and looks great paired with white.  My top is from Primark as well as my sandals!  I decided to stick with all whites for this look to keep the outfit simple and draw attention to the bandana.  When styling a neck scarf, try wearing it with a top that has a scoop neck or lower neckline like this one!  In my eyes, it looks less bunchy and more flattering.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you liked the first of second outfit best! ❤


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5 thoughts on “Ways to Style: Neck Scarves

  1. You are adorable! Especially in second outfit! I love both, but I must go with the adorable one! You look like u are always having so much fun!

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