Palm Leaf Dress!

Hi everyone!  I found this adorable palm leaf dress at Old Navy today and had to share.  All of Old Navy’s dresses were on sale, so naturally I had to get a few!





I am obsessed with this pattern and have been seeing it everywhere lately.  It’s very summery and would be great to bring on vacation!  The fit of this dress really is perfect for someone of any shape and size.  I am very petite and this dress fits me perfectly!  I actually work at Old Navy and see people trying this style on in size L and XL and it looks good on them as well!  The form fitting top allows everyones waist to appear smaller because the dress has a flowy and loose bottom.  Old Navy sells this style dress in SO many cute patterns, I highly recommend checking it out for these hot summer days!  Where have you guys been finding cute summer dresses lately?!


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