Top 5 Favorite Cities in Europe!

Many people are beginning to travel abroad more frequently so I thought I’d share my favorite cities in Europe!  It was SO hard to narrow it down to 5 because all of them are very special and memorable in their own way.  These are not in any type of order as to how much I like them compared to one another!

1) Florence, Italy

Florence truly will always hold a special place in my heart.  I got the opportunity to study abroad and live there for two months which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!  I got to explore what this beautiful city has to offer and essentially figure out how to live on my own in a new country.  Check out my blog post about my average day in Florence!  Although Rome has more world fame, it does not compare to Florence!  Night walks on the Ponte Veccio, the insane shopping, gorgeous buildings, and even the cute coffee shops and grocery stores will always be fond memories of mine.  I cannot wait to go back there someday to visit everything and reminisce.  I wrote a blog post all about The Duomo which is a very famous attraction in Florence!


2) Prague, Czech Republic

I have been to 9 countries so far and Prague was by far the most unique!  I felt speechless the entire trip because I was just so intrigued.  Between the currency, and language.. I was mind blown!  I absolutely love seeing how others live and Prague’s differences were very interesting.  One US dollar is equivalent to 23.40 (Crown in English).  We had about $200 on us and when we converted it, it looked like we were carrying over 4,000 which was crazy.  Overall, Prague was gorgeous and very picturesque.  My weekend in Prague was one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had and I highly recommend visiting!  Check out my blog post that goes into much more depth about my time in Prague!


3) Utrecht, The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a special country to me because that’s where I visit most frequently. I visit there because my boyfriend and his family are from there!  All of the Netherlands is clean, modern, and practical.  I love Utrecht because it’s a shopping city as well as a college city.  Many students live there and I loved the vibe of it!


4) Paris, France

Ohhh Paris, how I love you.  Despite the fact that Paris is a super common European city to visit… I LOVED my time there so much.  Something about the French culture and language is so fascinating to me.  Obviously there are the main tourist attractions to see, but I actually enjoyed strolling along the streets and taking pictures on side streets more.  While I was there it felt SURREAL that I was actually IN Paris, a place that I DREAMED of going to for as long as I can remember.  Sitting under the Eiffel Tower, and eating lunch along the Seine are two memories that I hope to never forget!


5) Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona was easily one of the most fun filled trips! It was the first “tropical” European city that I have been to and let me tell ya.. it was amazing.  My favorite part was definitely Barceloneta Beach.  Along with laying on the beach, you also could go to restaurants right on the beach!  Barcelona was a very fun city with an upbeat environment.  Along with the amazing beaches, there were many famous tourist attractions, and lovely streets to walk and explore.  Here is the link to my blog post all about my trip to Spain!


What is your favorite city in Europe?  I’d love to hear your suggestions and add a new place to my travel list 🙂  Also, check out my recently written post, “4 Reasons Why You Should Travel Abroad”!


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