Summer Earring Trends

Hi, everyone and welcome back to my blog 🙂  If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I’m a college student so I’m all about affordable fashion.  I love trying out new trends from affordable stores/brands to see if I like them and if it’s worth getting a higher quality version.  Today I’ll be showing you guys 3 of my new favorite earring “trends” that are perfect for summer!



This first pair was a good find at the one and only Primark for just $4.50!  They are gold with thin chains that have peach tassels on the bottom.  I love these because in my opinion they make your outfit look much more stylish and summery!  I think they would look amazing paired with an all white outfit.


I’m actually really really excited that hoop earrings are coming back in style!  I used to always wear small ones like these when I was little and my mom actually never stopped wearing them hahah.  I just love the element that hoops add to your outfit.  These ones are perfect for a day-to-day look, and the larger hoops would be great for a night time look!  I actually found these ones at a random small jewelry shop in New York City but I have seen them everywhere lately.


Ah, the infamous tassel earrings!  I think this trend is super cute and earrings like these can totally make your outfit.  I found these ones at the same shop in NYC but I’ll link very similar ones that I’ve seen around!  I think long tassel earrings look nice with monochromatic outfits to draw attention to the earrings.  Also, I love how they look with maxi dresses!  Just gives me beachy vibes 🙂

Francescas Tassel Earrings
Nordstrom Tassel Earrings
Baubalbar Tassel Earrings

Which earrings are your favorite!?  Mine are the first pair for sure!  Let me know in the comments 🙂

xx – Katarina 

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