Favorite Workout Clothes!

Hi everyone! Today’s post is a little different than my other posts because it’s not street fashion or style related really.  I don’t usually post anything about working out or fitness on my blog/Instagram but it’s actually a HUGE part of my life!  Most of you probably don’t know, but I am on the field hockey team at my college, Johnson & Wales University and love it.  With that being said, since I workout around 6 times a week, I’ve acquired quite a bit of workout clothes over the years.  I figured I’d share my favorite places to buy them and just my fav pieces!



Lets start with leggings!  Leggings are essential in my workout wardrobe.  I wear them basically every time I go to the gym, or if I go on a run when it’s cold outside.  Theses beauties are my new ones from Primark!  I love them because they are very fitting and a bit high waisted.  But I definitely need to mention my love for Old Navy leggings!  Old Navy workout leggings are seriously my holy grail hahah.  Honestly all of my workout leggings are from there besides these!  They are affordable, and come in the cutest colors and lengths.

Nike Shorts


I’m sure many of you own these Nike’s but I felt like I NEEDED to mention them in this post!  They are one of the only athletic shorts I’ve found so far that are the perfect fit.  Some at other stores have a weird elastic band and just don’t fit or look as nice!  I LIVE in these types of shorts all summer and fall during field hockey season.  Also, Nike has soooo many different colors in this style!

Tank Tops


I’m the type of girl who just cannot workout in a t-shirt for some reason.  I just get way too hot and hate the feeling of running in a tee.  So naturally, every single one of my workout tops is a tank!  I absolutley love Old Navy’s tops.  This one is my favorite style that I own because it has a build in sports bra (yass!)  I love it it so much that I actually have it in royal blue as well!  I think fitted tank tops are more flattering and are comfier to wear while exercising.



I wanted to mention this tank as well because it’s another favorite that I am constantly reaching for.  It’s another Old Navy tank are you surprised?!  I like this one and recommend having a loosely fitted tank for those really hot days.  It’s a muscle tank with a high neck and I always get lots of compliments on it because of it’s cute cut!



For running I usually wear ugly clunky Asics but I figured I’d show you guys these cuter ones that I wear to the gym if I’m not running! I just got them at Primark and Im in love. They’re the prettiest shade of muted purple and are super light!

Water Bottle


It may seem silly to add a water bottle to this post… but If you exercise a lot and bring water everywhere like me then I highly suggest investing in a hydroflask! They have many different colors and keep your water super cold alllll day long. Even the icecubes 😉

What are your favorite stores to buy workout clothes!? Leave me a comment 🙂

xx- Katarina

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