5 Tips to a Healthy lifestyle – Collab!

Hi Everyone!  Some of you may or not know, but health and fitness is a huge part of my life and important to me.  So today I decided to share some tips that I do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  BUT.. this post is exciting because it’s a collab with my blogger frand Shy! She is posting 5 more tips to a healthy lifestyle over on her blog!  We’re both rising college seniors and figured our 10 simple, yet specific, tips can hopefully help some of you out 🙂

Wake Up Earlier

I find this to be VERY beneficial for me!  It truly pays to set your alarm, or just get out of bed earlier because then there are more hours in your day.  Over the summer, I like to wake up around 8:00, workout, then be at work at 11:00.  After that, the day is all mine!  It may feel hard to get out of bed in the morning, but once your up and moving I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.  My goal everyday is to have the most productive day that I can because that’s what personally makes me feel best!

Use a Planner


Planners are seriously my holy grail hahah.  My friends even make fun of me for my planner obsession.  I have many things going on in my life between work, school, field hockey, blogging, and my social life, as I’m sure most of you relate to!  So with that being said, planning is essential!  Using a planner will ensure that you actually do everything you need and want to do.  For example, if you struggle to find time to workout, writing it down in your planner in advance will help!  This will force you to do it because once you see it written down that day it seems like less of an option.

Invest in a good pair of sneakers


I think this is crucial because wearing the wrong footwear for working out obviously isn’t good for you.  Weather you’re running, weigh training, hiking, or just walking I highly recommend investing in a higher quality pair of sneakers.  I am all about bargain shopping trust me, but sneakers are one thing I definitely don’t mind paying full price for!  My favorite brands of running sneakers are Asics, and Brooks, but Nike of course has great (and stylish) everyday sneakers for other types of workouts and activities!

Eat Less meat and Dairy


A little over a year ago I watched the documentary, Forks over Knives, and it TOTALLY changed my perception about food.  I highly highly highly recommend you check that out as well as What the Health.  I am so glad I discovered these documentaries and did continuous research about it all because the choice to fully eliminate meat and pretty much 90% eliminate dairy now allows me to feel soo energized and good!  I am seriously never tired throughout the day, I always have energy to workout, and I’m not harming animals or my own body 🙂  This way of life is not for everyone and that’s okay, but I really recommend watching those two documentaries before your form an opinion on the topic 🙂

Focus on you


This last tip I’m sure can be a struggle for a lot of people, myself included sometimes! We all want to please everyone and it may sound cheesy, but at the end of the day, doing what you need to do for yourself is important.  Make time for what you need to accomplish each day to improve yourself and don’t worry what others think about it!  You do you!

I hope these 5 tips helped some of you a bit!  Make sure you head over to Shy’s blog next to read her 5 tips!  Her blog is so cute and informative I’m sure you’ll love her post 🙂

xx- Katarina

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