Minimalistic Chic

Over the years I’ve learned that you don’t need to wear extravagant clothing to look fashionable.

I feel like I have many different styles depending on the day.  Some days I’m feeling girly, sometimes classic, maybe a little edgy other days, and a lot of the time sporty.  Overall, I’d classify my style as minimalistic.  I tend to stick with neutrals and pair one trendy piece with a basic outfit.  I think having a few staple wardrobe pieces helps achieve the minimalistic look!

Top- Turtle Neck


It may seem like a boring wardrobe piece buuuuut I seriously wear this black turtle neck all the time.  I think turtle necks look great tucked in, and they are a nice layering piece to create many different looks.

Outerwear- Denim Jacket 


Denim is SUCH a wardrobe staple.  A denim jacket is so versatile and they will never really go out of style.  You can wear them with skirts, skinny jeans, flowy pants, etc!

Shoes- Boots



If I could wear boots year round I totally would!  I think a pair of short black boots are the most minimalistic and practical shoe there is.  I love how sleek they look and instantly make your outfit more “dressy”.  Throwing a fun twist on this classic shoe would be these studded boots! (<– Similar pair linked)  I’m obsessed with these and they can add a trendy touch to a simple outfit.

Shoes- Flats


Loafers are one of the most a classic shoes there is.  I like these ones because they’re slip-ons. (Yay for a modern twist!)  These shoes are very plain, but at the same time the minimal gold detailing creates a sophisticated and stylish look.

Accessories- Belt


Whether you actually need a belt to hold up your pants or not… belts are essential when going for a classic look.  They unify your outfit and keep everything looking neat. Accessories- Crossbody Bag


A little black bag doesn’t even need an explanation.  Black bags seriously match everything and will forever be in style.  I’m totally a minibag-aholic so I’m always switching mine up to keep up with trends while still remaining classic.

What else would you like to see on my “Style Guide” page?!  I’m planning on doing some  posts on how to style certain pieces.  Leave me your suggestions!

xx- Katarina

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