Haarlem, The Netherlands

I’ve never been to Haarlem before so this day trip was exciting!  Just like every Dutch city, Haarlem was gorgeous and super clean.  It was a quieter city than the main ones such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, but we had such a fun day exploring!

94A2E97B-2120-4FEB-A107-10A312A1DE92.JPGOf course gotta get some outfit pics, what else is new!

We found the cutest little cafe that we hung out at for a while to warm up.  Of course the week I get to Holland they have one of their coldest winter weeks ever! Side note.. I’m still in total shock that this bag is actually mine.  It was a generous graduation gift from my fam and is very much appreciated 🙂

View from the top of a windmill

Check out my Instagram for more day to day pictures of my time in Europe!  I’ll be traveling to Paris Friday and I am BEYOND EXCITED.

If you have any questions or requests feel free to leave them below; I’d love to chat! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

xx- Katarina 

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