Week 1 in New York City

My first week here in NYC definitely hasn’t been very glamorous like you’d maybe stereotypically think.  I’ve been working 9:30-6:00 most days and the few days I wasn’t doing that, I have been going on interviews.  But I don’t dread working and interviewing that much because I like the hustle and I know it’s one step closer to my ideal job which excites me, and $$!

Along with this, I half moved into my tiny studio apartment (that I LOVE).  The first day my boyfriend and I came down on the bus with just a few duffel bags and had to directly go to my interview.  AKA we were struggling and sweating walking the streets of NYC with all of our luggage till it was time to sign the lease later in the afternoon.  After signing the lease, they told us we couldn’t get the key for a few more hours.  So we found a cafe to hang in that didn’t mind all of our bags.  Finally, it was time to move into the apartment!  But we had no furniture..no bed, no table, no dresser or anything.  But we found a TWIN size blow up mattress at Bed Bath & Beyond that we somehow slept on this entire week hahah.  Then as of last night, the IKEA delivery came, YAY.  Now we have a dresser, table, two little stools, and a bed that came with only half the parts.  With that being said, we had to get a little creative and go to Home Depot to buy 5 wooden planks that my boyfriend had to saw in my apartment so the mattress didn’t fall through the bed frame.

Other little random things I’ve learned this week:

1) Decide quickly if you’re going to get on the subway or not (the doors WILL SLAM shut on you, oouch)

2) Don’t be afraid to rough it.  I of course didn’t completity rough it, but having to get ready for work, interviews, eat without anything in my apartment wasn’t the most enjoyable.  But ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

3) Check for free activities to do in your city.  There are so many free outdoor movies, concerts, and workout classes!

4) Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers!  DO NOT wear your work shoes while commuting.  This may be obvious, but I wore short heels on two separate occasions because I thought they were comfy and my feet were completely cut up both times hahah.

But with all of this being said, I am SO HAPPY and excited to be here. I can’t believe I somehow made it all happen. Stay tuned for many more NYC posts!

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