New or Secondhand Designer Pieces?

Are you a new or secondhand/vintage designer piece person?  I’m definitely both, lol!  Both have pros, cons and reasons why some people choose one over the other.

Of course a brand spankin’ new designer piece that’s never been used before feels amazing, but there’s something about secondhand and vintage that makes the piece more special!

The process of searching for a vintage piece can be more fun than picking out a new piece that you already know everything about and a lot of people probably have.  I don’t have tons of designer pieces or anything, but from the little collection that I’ve started I find that shopping for secondhand is more exciting.  You walk into the store having no idea what you’ll find!  Most of the pieces are still in great condition because the quality of designer products really is top notch.  Along with their great quality, you can score a really unique piece that not many other people will have!  But even better, secondhand is SO MUCH CHEAPER.

Below are two pairs of shoes I found secondhand that I LOVE and were so affordable.  I’ve noticed its much easier to score designer pieces in big cities like New York City and Los Angeles.  I have tried thrifting sooo many times where my family lives in Albany, New York and even in Providence, Rhode Island and never had luck.


Chanel Loafers


Gucci Suede Loafers (Similar here and here)

Secondhand pieces always leave me wondering who wore them before me and what their life was like.  So I’m pretty much wondering, “where have these shoes walked?!”

Deciding to purchase a new designer item is a commitment.  I think if its something you know you’ll get a lot of use out of and is timeless, it’s definitely worth the investment!


Gucci Marmont Matelasee Leather Super Mini Bag


Gucci Marmont Matelasse Mini Bag


See by Chloé Mini Leather Bag (Similar here and here)

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