I opened an Online Vintage Boutique!

nyc vintage boutique nouvelle a tu Katarina BrunetteAs it’s now obvious from the title of this post, I opened an online vintage boutique! Shop now! This idea has been brewing since moving to New York City summer 2018 and started discovering the amazing second hand shops in the city. I’ve always loved thrifting, but I was exposed to some gems and high quality pieces that were being sold in consignment shops and thrift stores. I’ve known for the longest time that I wanted to start a business of my own one day and after working in digital merchandising along with the social media marketing world, I figured there is no better time than the present!

My shop is called, nouvelle à tu, and nouvelle is the feminine version of, “new” in French. When it’s time for someone to part with a piece it’s “old” to them but new and exciting to you. This does make you think.. who owned this piece before me? What was their life like? Where did they live? Since Parisian style has always been a major inspiration of mine, Paris being one of my favorite cities and French being the beautiful language that it is, this name checked off all of my boxes.

Vintage shopping has become relatively ~trendy~ and lots of us are searching for quality vintage pieces. Sometimes on social media it can feel like everyone owns “basic” or similar items, so vintage/second hand makes us feel like a piece is unique to us. One of my goals is to curate a tasteful collection of high quality, sustainable and stylish homeware + fashion pieces to save you from searching all over the internet for your perfect piece.

Personally, I love the hunt. I love how you can look at tons and tons of pieces but then one particular item catches your eye. I immediately can visualize how I will style it whether it’s home decor or something to wear. After self teaching myself lots about website building, SEO, social media, etc, over the years, I am so happy that nouvelle à tu came to life and now is shop-able!

Check out nouvelle à tu for all of your homeware and accessory needs!

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