Home Office Essentials + My Desk Set Up

Now that I’m finally all moved into our new apartment in California, I wanted to share my current work from home space! As lots of us have been working from home for quite some time now, you probably have your own little set up but I wanted to share what I’ve been using on the daily. I’m used to working from home at this point and actually really really like it for the most part. However, I sooo miss commuting in nyc, getting dressed up and bopping around after work with coworkers though. Would love to hear your thoughts on working from home in the comments if you’re in the same sitch!

I try to work from my desk throughout most of the day to still feel like I am physically at work which I find helps with productivity. BUT.. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t work from bed or the couch for a few hours here and there!

Desk (Obvious but necessary!)

I used to work from my kitchen table because I didn’t want to crowd my tiny nyc apartment with a desk. But I figured we were going to be working from home for quite some time so I decided to buy this rattan desk from Target. It’s functional and cute! I’m super happy I bough a proper desk because it’s helped me feel like there is at least a little bit of separation between “work life” and “home life”. (Similar desk linked here)

Laptop Riser

I used to find myself hunched over allll the time while working. This handy stand forces your computer to be at eye level and I find it now to be much more comfortable to type!

Monitor/Second Screen

Ok this one is an absolute game changer. Guus recently got a new monitor so I took his old one and wow has it improved my work days. I am constantly needing multiple tabs open and have to keep certain ones always open so this has allowed me to have my email pulled up on my laptop and all of my tabs/docs on the monitor. HIGHLY recommend!

Essential Oil Diffuser

This one is definitely not ~necessary~ to get work done or anything but I think it’s a great addition to your home office set up! I bough this diffuser almost 2 month ago and am loving it so far. I move it around my apartment actually but always have it on my desk throughout the day. It helps freshen up my space and boost my mood!

Wireless Mouse

I originally bought this wireless mouse at my previous job when we were in the office and it’s still going strong! I had sooo many tangled coords on my old work desk so I decided to go the wireless route and tbh am never looking back. It’s small, so quiet when you click, and no more wires!



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