Day Trip: Carmel – By – The – Sea

We have been exploring the heck out of Northern California these past few months and I honestly have been loving it here even more than I thought I would. There is SO much to see/do in this region and it’s been a great change of scenery. Since almost everything is outdoors, we’ve been able to take lots of day trips safely despite us being in a pandemic which I am super happy about. Carmel – By – The – Sea was eeeeasily one of my favorite spots so far I figured I’d share what we did and the cute places we stumbled across. If you’re looking for an upscale beach town, you have to check out Carmel! There are tons of little coffee shops, book stores, boutiques, and restaurants all being just steps away from the beach.

Carmel Valley Roasting

One of my favorite things to do is to find new and unique coffee shops to try when I’m somewhere new. If you’re looking for some delicious coffee, I’d recommend trying this cafe out! The line was out the door and my oat latte was 10/10.

The Carmel Coffee House

I didn’t buy anything to eat or drink here but I wanted to include still since the seating area was so adorable. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought it was tucked away in a quaint European town.

Carmel Bakery & Cottage Sweets

For a sweet treat 🙂

Treehouse Cafe

I was so excited to come across this lunch spot tucked away on a quiet street! The pictures don’t do it justice but if you’re looking for a casual, sunny restaurant for lunch or dinner I’d definitely suggest trying out Treehouse Cafe. They even gave us complementary sangria while we waited for our table!

Carmel Beach

This is a given. But after we grabbed coffee, had lunch, and popped in a few shops, we headed down to the water. The views were so gorgeous!

I’m planning on sharing more blog posts from our day trips since I’ve been missing writing travel related blog posts so much! If you’re from this area, I am ALWAYS looking out for recommendations where to explore so feel free to let me know in the comments 🙂





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