Amazon Activewear + Lululemon Dupes!

Veryy excited to share some surprisingly flattering and affordable workout pieces that I recently found on Amazon! I’ve been hesitant on trying Amazon’s workout clothes since there are definitely mixed reviews and wasn’t sure how good the quality would be. HOWEVER, I am pleasantly surprised on how well (most) of the pieces I ordered fit considering the price! I tested out a few Lululemon dupes as well and honestly, they didn’t disappoint.

I tried on and chatted about allll of the pieces in my YouTube video as well!

Olchee 2 Piece Workout Set

This light blue set is probably my favorite out of the bunch mainly because of the color and fit of the sports bra! I’ve been meaning to buy some more fun colored sets and this one is perfect for the price. The leggings aren’t completely see through at all, but if you don’t feel comfortable in lighter colored leggings I’d be careful with these ones.

Haodian 2 Piece Set

The next set I ordered, looked like a brick red but ended up being more of a muted purple color which I’m still a fan of. The sports bra fits amazing. It’s super supportive and I LOVE the back. It’s so perfect to wear with high waisted leggings without feeling too exposed. The leggings however, feel cheap and have some extra fabric around your thigh area. In my opinion, you definitely can get away with wearing them with a t shirt or sweatshirt.

White “Align” Tank

The infamous Lulumenon align tank dupe! I do own the real one too and absolutely love it and find it to be very flattering on many different body types. This one from Amazon is a super similar fit but the fabric feels a bit more like bathing suit material instead of the soft align fabric. If that doesnt bother you and you’d rather spent half the price, I would for sure recommend trying this one out!

Hawthorn Beige Leggings

Ok out of everything in this post, these leggings are THE best quality and extremely similar to Lululemon Aligns. They truly fit like a glove and are the perfect length. I would have never know they’re from Amazon

Slim Fit Black Zip Up

I’ve always been a sucker for little zip ups. They’re so easy to throw on over your tank tops or sports bras before your workout or just for athliesure! I think I’m going to order more colors in this style since I’ve been wearing it non stop.

Lemendy Peach Tank Top

Another winner! I was drawn to this style because it’s longer than a sports bra but it’s not a full length tank. Also, the color is too cute. If you haven’t seen a pattern yet in this haul, I prefer to workout with form fitting clothes vs a baggy tank top or t-shirt.

I am always on the hunt for cute new workout pieces so please let me know if you’ve come across any from Amazon that you love 🙂



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