What I Bought on Amazon this Month – May 2021

I’ve been finding myself clicking “Add to Cart” on Amazon quite frequently this past month. With getting our new pup and everything else in between, the fact that I can checkout in literally 5 seconds on Amazon alllllways gets me. I love reading posts like this and hearing about other’s Amazon finds so I figured I’d start doing monthly roundups myself!

Green Workout Set

This one is actually out for delivery today so I can’t speak to the fit quite yet BUT I have high hopes! I discovered this set from Julia Haven’s IG story and was in love with the green color. There’s a handful of other color options though if bright colors aren’t your thing! (I really need to chill with buying workout sets.. but no promises)

Colored Claw Clips

I have already gotten SO much use out of this pack of clips and they were only $10. I’m an up-do girl at heart so you will 100% find me sporting them allll summer long!

Pastel Silicone Straws

I was getting sick of washing my 2 or 3 metal straws so frequently and I know that silicone straws can be better for your teeth. I LOVE finding simple and fun ways like this to jazz up your morning iced coffee or smoothie.

Red Harness & Pink Harness

And onto the puppy supplies! I bought two harnesses since I wasn’t sure which size would fit her best. I think these two are super cute and they are great quality for the super affordable price!

Neutral Leash

Along with a harness, of course you need the leash to go along with it. We won’t be walking her for a while since she doesn’t have all of her shots yet but figured I’d get it ahead of time. I wanted a neutral one so it matched any harness we end up buying her in the future!


Other dog supplies:

Croissant & Bunny Toy

Side Table Crate


What are some of your favorite Amazon finds you’ve bought recently?!



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